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Get a cheap UK website

Get your own business website and email !
Anyone now looking for a local business does an online search.
We quickly give you the cheapest good UK website you can get,
that you do not need to create, design or build yourself.
Only £50 (+ £6.99 a year) and easy - we take care of everything !
It is a hassle-free experience, and you will be on Google !

UK websites for small businesses.
We are the leading experts in designing and building cheap basic websites for the small business,
so your business will be found easily on Google - giving you some very cheap internet advertising
at only £6.99 a year. To be very cheap we vary just one website design, which is this sites design
and is a design that has perfect code and loads fast and works well on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.
People and the internet search engines as Google like these features so your website will come near the top
in Google searches to help your business more.

Your basic 1-page website can include ;
Your business website name (best short and describes business for search as eg 'Leeds Hair Salon')
Details of what your business does or sells.
What your normal business hours are.
Your business phone number(s) and business email(supplied by us).
Your business address, to be on Google maps.
And a photo of your shop or product, width about 1x to 2x height.

Just email us what you would like your website to include.
Send your email to us at
And make your payment of £50 securely at to
You should have your website and its email address within a week !

PS. If you get your website details right, then your website should never need any change.
But if you change address or something then we will do that change for you from just £10 !

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