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Being on Google

for your business

Being on Google is your best internet advertising !
If you have a basic business website on Google it will advertise your business.
It may be a small business advertising but worth some hundreds a year.
But with our basic website it will cost you only £6.99 a year !

How does Google normally work ?
Google like other internet search engines looks at all websites on the internet.
For a new website Google may take a month or two to decide if that website has any use.
Then it will almost always begin listing that website in its search results where suitable.
So a website named 'Grimsby Butchers' will appear in the search results when anybody searches for eg 'butcher in Grimsby'.
And that basically is your internet advertising.

With your own business website, it is also easy to push it on eg Facebook, Twitter or Google Maps !
These can give your business more cheap advertising if you have registered for free accounts.
To get on Google Maps, Google your business Postcode and find your address on Google maps by clicking
the map on the right then right-click on your address and click 'Add missing place' to add your business
and its website. This will give your business some more cheap online advertising.

So just email us if you want an easy cheap UK website.
Send your email to us at
And make your payment of £50 securely at to
You should have your website and its email address within a week !

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